Treatment Plans

We are dedicated to providing as many different clients as possible with the quality support they need in order to achieve their goals for recovery. In order to make sure that we are able to provide adequate support for as many different people as possible, we maintain a full complement of possible recovery options. When you sit down with our specialists, we’ll get to know the specifics of your situation. By learning about the specifics of your situation, we can provide you with the quality support you need to achieve recovery.


Each client will be provided with personalized treatment.


Support for those with co-occurring disorders.


Professional support throughout this integral process.


We’ll provide you with quality aftercare after you’ve left MTG Addiction.

Recovery is an ongoing journey

Even after you have left MTG Addiction, you will continue to face challenges as you work toward our goals for recovery. Fortunately, our personalized aftercare plan will continue to offer you the support you need as you continue the journey to your ultimate recovery goal. You can rest easy knowing we are by your side for the long haul!

Aftercare Treatment

Addiction recovery is an ongoing journey, and you’ll face challenges even after you have completed the substance abuse recovery program at MTG Addiction. Fortunately, our staff will be there for every step of the way.

Dual Diagnosis

When a client struggles with a co-occurring mental health disorder as well as an addiction, dual diagnosis can help them reach recovery. A screening will be done when you arrive.

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Support Throughout Recovery

At MTG Addiction, we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the quality care you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reach your recovery goals.